FAQs - The Network

1. What is the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network?

The Network is New Zealand's only non-governmental organisation devoted solely to protecting the indigenous flora. The Network's vision is that 'no indigenous species of plant will become extinct nor be placed at risk of extinction as a result of human action or indifference, and that the rich, diverse and unique plant life of New Zealand will be recognised, cherished and restored'. It has been established as a contribution towards implementing the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy and the Global Plant Conservation Strategy. Membership includes botanists, horticulturalists, botanic gardens, universities, local authorities, central government and community groups.

2. When did the Network start?

The New Zealand Plant Conservation Network was established as an incorporated society in April 2003. Founding members worked for 2 years prior to this to establish the organisation.

3. How many members does the Network have?

The Network is still growing but at the start of 2011 it had over 700 members worldwide.

4. How do I join the Network?

Fill out the on-line form or download the membership form.

5. What publicity material does the Network have available?

The Network publishes a monthly newsletter called Trilepidea (read by over 2000 people). The Network has also published numerous reports, plants lists, posters and brochures. For example, in 2010 the Network published a checklist of New Zealand indigenous plants and in 2006 a checklist of New Zealand naturalised plants. The Network has also published a threatened plant poster that is available for sale for $4 ($2 to members).

6. Who funds the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network?

The Network is funded through membership subscriptions, by sponsorship and through funding from charitable and government contestable fund contributions.

7. Does the Network sell indigenous plants or seeds?

The Network does not produce or sell native plants. However, one of the Network sponsors is Oratia Native Plant Nursery in Auckland and they grow and sell over 1000 different species of indigenous plant. Links are provided to their website from the indigenous plant fact sheets on this site.

8. How can I help the Network other than by joining or making a donation?

There are a number of ways that you can help the Network. They include:

  • Taking photos for the Network website
  • Fund raising for projects
  • Writing articles for the Network newsletter
  • Helping run marae-based plant training courses
  • Writing plant lists and submitting them for inclusion on the website

9. Does the Network hold events?

Every second year the Network holds a conference to bring together people involved in plant conservation in New Zealand. Watch the website (under Events) for news of forthcoming conferences.

This page last updated on 26 Sep 2012